Monday, 18 January 2016

Magnitone Lucid – Pixie Lott Limited Edition

 I recently purchased the Magnitone Lucid brush in the mindset of wanting to change up my skincare routine. I didn’t feel that I wanted a drastic cleansing change in particular but I just started to feel as if I wasn’t having that “deep clean” feeling. My basic everyday ‘lazy girl’ routine consisted of make-up wipes followed by a cream cleanser then a toner; I exfoliate a good 2-3 days a week depending on how much make up I’ve worn or how my skin is feeling.
I have normal to oily, spot/acne prone skin and I was going through a mini skin crisis so I decided to look up on electric cleanser brushes which seems to be an ‘in thing’ at the moment. I have had an experience with a cleanser brush before which I previously owned the No7 Cleanser Brush. I didn’t really form a good strong opinion on the brush as I felt that I couldn’t really take it with me to the bath or shower as I felt like I was scared of getting it all wet as it’s a battery powered brush. It was an OK device but I actually found it quite harsh on my skin (which it does say on the box not to use if you have sensitive or dry skin) and annoyingly loud but overall did an ok job of removing any dirt on my face.
 So I was um’ing and ah’ing over the fact “Should I ‘invest’ in a new cleansing brush?” as my No7 got thrown to the back of my drawer and hasn’t seen daylight in the past couple of years, it was safe to say I was scared of purchasing something more expensive and it only to land in the same place as my previous one.
After looking through so many I decided that the Magnitone was more of a budget friendly price for my purse in comparing with the Clarasonic and Clinique. Two Magnitone products caught my eye which was the Lucid and the Barefaced! I had no idea what the difference was between the two and was ridiculously confused of which one would be best to use every day. I had spent my weekend nights in front of the fire watching and reading reviews of both devices. I’m not going to sit here and lie and tell you I learned so much and there was a massive difference in the both of them, because the truth is I ended up coming into a conclusion that both did the same thing but there was a couple of settings that was different between the two, and the barefaced! was just a newer/updated version (don’t quote me on that, like I said I was very confused on what they did differently).
What made me choose the Lucid you ask? The price difference; at the time the Lucid was retailing at £35 on Boots’ website while the Barefaced was £60 (at an offer price, originally priced at £70).
The Magnitone Lucid is a daily cleansing and exfoliation brush with active electromagnetic technology which is created for a deep-pore cleaning and a gentle exfoliation. This basically means that it uses pulsations to effectively cleanse and be gentler on the skin. The device has two modes, deep clean and sensitive, suitable for the daily removal of make-up, deep-pore impurities and exfoliation of any dry patches. It’s completely waterproof so you can use it while you’re in the bath or shower and it’s suitable for all skin types with the soft and gentle bristles. What I like the most about the device is that it has a built in timer. You can concentrate on three areas of your face for 20 seconds each. After the minute is up the device will shut itself off. Handy!
My device as you have already gathered is a limited edition by Pixie Lott; a hot pink device with Pixie’s initials on the handle. On the box it claims that you will have softer, brighter and clearer skin in just 7 days. Now I’ve been using this product for more than 7 days and my thoughts on the claims are mixed. First of all it does warn you in the leaflet if you are not used to this method of cleansing that you are going to experience a few breakouts, while I was going through some kind of a mini breakout at the time I was not particularly bothered. After the first use of this brush I genuinely did think that my skin felt softer and every time that I use it my skin feels incredibly soft, but unless that I moisturise after I use it my skin will feel anything but bright. My skin will become dry and desperately need some hydration after use, but I am also wondering as it has become a lot colder here in the past few weeks if this has something to play a part in my skin becoming ridiculously dry, which this is something I will have to update you on after a bit more use going into a (hopefully) warmer spring. After doing this routine for roughly about two weeks I think it has done some difference to my complexion but I’m still having these odd breakouts here and there, but for my existing hormonal chin breakout I have noticed it has helped calmed them down and they are not as painful as they have been in the past, which is always a good thing.
Overall I really enjoy using this product. I personally didn’t see a dramatic change in 7 days as what it is promoting on the box but I am seeing some difference in my skin. I believe with these kind of things 2 weeks of use isn’t really enough to give a definite ‘YES it works’ or ‘NO its terrible don’t buy it’ kind of answer, but with more time and with spring/summer somewhere on its way I could give you more answers of what I truly think of it. But as of now, I do like it and I will carry on using it daily to see, so I don’t see it being thrown to the back of my drawer just yet.
Have you tried any electronic cleanser brushes?
Lia x

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Friday, 25 July 2014



Here are my top 5 that I’m absolutely lusting over and would love to get my hands on.

1. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs – This has only just recently come out, but like every other Marc Jacobs scents, it is so beautiful. It’s fruity and floral, and very light, perfect for the summer.

2. M.A.C Studio Fix foundation – I feel like everyone on the planet owns a studio fix foundation, which everyone seems to be raving about as well. I was in Chester a few weeks back and I was flirting with the idea of getting it, but I've never bought a MAC foundation before so I would have to get a colour match, but some of the staff didn't really look approachable so I was put off of getting it. Next time though…

3. Dior Blush – This is such a pretty colour, and the packaging is slick as well. When it’s first applied the light colour is supposed to develop into a rosy blush to suit every individual’s complexion. Clever huh?

4. Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fibre Brushes – Once again, I'm a bit late on the bandwagon on getting these, but one day they will be mine. I absolutely love RT brushes so I know they won’t disappoint.

5. St.Tropez self tan dry luxury oil - I've been really into oils as moisturisers recently, so a tanning oil sounds right up my street. The dry luxury oil is supposed to give a natural looking golden glow without leaving you streaky. The formula included is clinically proven to keep your body moisturised up to 7 days.

What products have you been lusting over recently?  

Lia x

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Body Shop BB Cream & Benefits Big Easy Review

First off I don’t buy many BB creams as I don’t really tend to gravitate towards them, purely based on the reason they don’t give me the medium to full coverage that I like (and I think I need). So when the sun decided to come out and the weather started to get much warmer I began feeling a little fed up with the heavy make-up and wanted to go for something much lighter and more natural looking.

So the first BB cream that I went out and bought was The Body Shop’s All-In-One BB Cream, and I got it in shade number 2. The Body Shop’s BB cream is a colour adapting tinted cream, so it starts off as a white cream but as you keep blending the product it adapts its colour. 

As you would expect, the BB cream is light and non-cakey, and gives a very nice dewy finish and it has a silky feeling over the skin and blends really nicely. If you do have some blemishes, I suggest you use a concealer beforehand just to help cover them up, as the BB cream alone won’t hide them away. Also as the finish is quite moist, it might be best suited for normal to dry skin, rather than oily, or combination like myself, so it will not be suitable if you want anything matte. Recently though, despite my combination skin I have been into the dewy look for the summer, so I didn’t mind the finish as much. I tapped some powder mainly on my T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) and I’ve been good to go. I have also found it lasting a good few hours (roughly about 5 hours), before I felt the need to hide the shine, which I was quite pleasantly surprised at as I expected it would have melted off my face by then. Unfortunately, this cream does not have an SPF, so it won’t help to protect you from the sun. Also there are only four different shades to chose, from the fair skin tone at 00 to dark skin tone at 03. At my local store there were only the shades 01,02 and 03, knowing full well that 03 would not be a match I took my chances and went with 02 (for medium skin tones).  It is slightly too dark for me on my natural skin tone, but when I put my fake tan on it does seem to be an alright match, but I’ve seemed to have lost my love of fake tanning often recently (solely based on I’m a bit lazy to do so), I won’t be reaching for it to use daily.

All in all, the question is, would I repurchase this product? Honestly, probably not because for £12 a pop, to repurchase a product that I found that didn’t really do much except make my skin glowy, I know I would find a similar product for a lesser price.           

Rate – 2/5

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream - £12.

The second BB cream that I had purchase was the Benefits Bigger than BB, Big Easy. 
This BB cream has a liquid to powder finish with SPF of 35. The people of Benefit has also put a thought for us girls with oily to combination skin and has created a BB cream that is non-oily, non greasy and that is a multi-balancing complexion perfector. It is so lightweight and what is best about it, it covers all of your minor blemishes just like as if you would be using a foundation. It blends in nicely like a cream onto the skin and has a powder finish so it has that matte finish without making your skin look caked with make-up. It has a flawless, natural finish. It doesn’t crease or settle into any lines or wrinkles during the day. It is amazing at controlling shine throughout the day, so you won’t find yourself needing to powder up often. Once again, as I have combination skin, I am unsure of how it will be for those of you who have dry skin, but it doesn’t show up any dry patches that I have on my cheeks, but if you have dry skin and unsure whether to purchase this product then it would be best to ask for a sample at your nearest counter or get them to apply some on you as you can have a colour match as well. The colours come in six different shades, all ranging from fair to beige. The shade that I use is in 04-medium, and it matches really nicely to my natural skin tone as well as when I have a bit of a tan on. As I said earlier, with its SPF of 35 it is perfect for protecting your face against the sun for the warmer weather. 

This BB cream is the first that I have actually really enjoyed using and that I haven’t regret purchasing which I’m pretty glad about as it’s a bit pricey for £27.50 for a 35ml tube. It is most defiantly an investment but it’s something that you will not regret.    

Would I repurchase? Yes

Rate – 5/5

Benefits Bigger than BB Big Easy – £27.50

Lia x